Mission Statement

“Bizmentors is a mentoring programme for small business owners and start-up/emerging businesses in Galway city and county. It aims to provide free access to business expertise and wisdom to people in small businesses who may otherwise have difficulty accessing such expertise.”

Value Statement

“Mentoring is off-line given by one person to another, in confidence, supporting the person to make significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking. In the relationship the mentor supports and challenges the mentee. The mentor is resourceful and responsible. The mentor has experience and developed expertise in the area under discussion.”
Confidentiality | Professionalism | Trust | Authenticity | Integrity

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is an ancient term but used in nearly every form of learning. We all reach crossroads and need to find the right path to take. Mentoring is a tool that when used effectively by both parties in the partnership will help you to find the right path and the right approach to take to help you progress in your professional field. Mentoring gives you the support, help, advice, guidance and assistance that you need for your business. It is a process in which an experienced person helps another person develop his/her goals and skills through a series of time-limited, confidential, one-to-one conversations.
Everything we do creates a result. Every result creates the future. Therefore, we are always creating the future. The mentoring sessions are a great opportunity to think about what future you are making and how to make it. In simple terms then, mentoring is a process that you can use to help you learn and develop; to create action plans and a road map to follow; develop confidence; create work-life balance.
Your mentor may not have all the answers. They may offer advice on where/how to seek information and answers. The mentor facilitates your growth through sharing knowledge and experience and insights that they have learned through the years and/or from specific expertise.
Mentoring is a partnership. You are not a passive member of this partnership. For it to be effective you need to take active engagement in thinking, planning, assessing your needs, problem solving, providing feedback and doing.

Advisory Board

Bizmentors Galway is overseen by a voluntary board and representatives from our Mentor panel.
The Advisory Board meets regularly and is responsible for ensuring that the mentoring programmes comply with the highest ethical standards and that the values underpinning the mentoring programme are strictly adhered to.
The Advisory Board is also involved in review of all new Mentors and in matching up of mentors and mentees based on their knowledge of the mentors and the stated requirements of the mentees.


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