New Mentor Application

New Mentor Application Requirements

Bizmentors is open to new and existing businesses to help nurture and further develop local businesses in Galway.

> Download the PDF application form to become familiar with the questions asked and documents required under each section.
> Ensure you have a valid email address as all correspondence will be sent to this email address.
> Once you start your application, you need to complete it in one go.
> All sections should be completed. If any of the field is not applicable in your case, you can mention 'NA' there.

Since Bizmentors was established in May of 2012 over 600 businesses have participated in the programme.

Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by the Bizmentors advisory board and upon approval you will be invited to attend an induction session which will help you maximise your return from engaging in the mentoring programme.

*I Have Read & Understood The Mentoring Programme Agreement
*I have read & understood Mentoring Programme TERMS & CONDITIONS (click here to read)

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