Bizmentors is a mentoring programme for business owners and start-up / emerging businesses throughout Ireland. It aims to provide free access to business expertise and wisdom to people in businesses who may otherwise have difficulty accessing such expertise.

Bizmentors is open to new and existing businesses to help nurture and further develop local businesses in Mayo. At times it can be a lonely and isolated road for owners of SMEs and this is a chance for SME owners to access expertise, guidance and business advice. Small businesses in Mayo are important contributors to the recovery and the future prosperity of the Irish economy.

Their survival and growth not only brings investment returns for individual businesses, it also underpins the wider local community and the image of Mayo as a provider of high quality, innovative and sustainable business excellence. Since Bizmentors was established in May of 2012, over 600 businesses have participated in the programme. Each Mentor provides 3 hours mentoring support to each business who applies to the programme. This will be carried out over a 3 month period aimed at maximising the time the participants have with their Mentors.

Mentoring support is available in the following areas: Finance | Sales | Marketing & PR | IT | HR | Training and Development | Business Planning | R&D | Quality | General Business Management

Our Mentees' Success Stories

Supporting Growth, Jobs & Stability In Mayo

  • David Noone, ProcureWizard Ireland

    The Bizmentors programme has provided us with the much needed support and expertise that has allowed our business to flourish and grow since our first meeting over two years ago. While we recognised that we didn’t have all the answers, being able to access some of the leading business people in the region has been unbelievable and it has given us the tools to really push forward to bigger and better things. I would highly recommend any small business to get in touch and avail of the fantastic service provided by this organizations. You won’t regret it!

    David Noone, ProcureWizard Ireland
  • Derek Nolan Former TD, Labour Party Deputy for Galway West

    I visited the SCCUL Enterprise Centre in Ballybane recently and I was really impressed with the entire operation. The commitment, energy and enthusiasm shown by everyone involved in this initiative is second to none. The Bizmentors Programme is a fantastic resource in the city and it provides a really valuable service to people starting out in business. Everyone who takes the very courageous step of starting a new venture needs proper support and advice and the mentoring programme provides exactly that, and on a pro-bono basis. I couldn't praise this programme highly enough and I am very proud of the fact that it began in Galway.

    Derek Nolan Former TD, Labour Party Deputy for Galway West
  • Former Senator Lorraine Higgins

    To my mind the Bizmentors programme is a fantastic support. The commitment, vision and generosity of all involved is highly commendable. This is a project that deserves to thrive. Based on the initiative’s success to date, I have no doubt that this is a programme which will bring great rewards to Galway and has the potential to expand right across Ireland. I look forward to Bizmentors continued success and to the tremendous support it will provide to our business community.

    Former Senator Lorraine Higgins
  • Dr. Emer Mulligan, Head of School, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics

    The Bizmentors programme is remarkable in many respects, not least because of the high calibre of the mentors involved.  However, this is an exceptional programme primarily because it is run by people in the community for other people within the community. It’s a sharing of expertise, along with emotional support, across a community and has a significant social inclusion dimension to it.  The resulting sense of a 'community of entrepreneurs’ compensates in no small way for what can otherwise be a sometimes lonely, isolated and daunting pursuit.

    Dr. Emer Mulligan, Head of School, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics
  • Robert - English Bubble

    We found the Bizmentors programme invaluable. It was structured enough to be able to plan on doing it in a working day but also flexible enough to arrange a time that suits you both.

    Robert - English Bubble

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